Historical Citizens Association

Oak Street Post Office - Information

Need writing supplies or period-appropriate Stamps? Please contact me and I’ll arrange to have extra on site.

Want to hold your unit’s mail call AT (in font of) the Post Office? (We love interacting with the soldiers!) Unit Commander, please contact me prior to the event with your unit’s updated roster (of those planning to attend the event) so we can make sure that there are letters & parcels ready for you to pick up at Mail Call!

Individuals – soldiers or average citizens (non-soldiers, aka “civilians”) can also sign up to receive Mail. Please fill out the Request Form with any information about you (if you have a character name, please include it and any extra details about your character. Whatever information you can provide about your character’s life is extremely helpful to those writing/sending the letters.)

Want to write a Letter but don’t know who to send it to? We can help! Just write a “Dear Father” (or Brother/Uncle/Nephew/Son etc. letter…or even a “Dear John” letter) and tell us which side you would like to receive it – Union or Confederate – and we’ll pick a name from those that signed up to receive letters and make sure it gets delivered!

To Contact: PostOffice@historicalcitizens.org


For more information, please contact us at info@historicalcitizens.org.